Let’s try this again…

Secret of My Success Trailer – Michael J. Fox (1987)

Most who know me also know that I’m kind of a web geek. Being online is not my career, but it’s definitely a hobby and I even stretched my interest of all things digital into a business. I’m not a gamer. I’m not a big eBay, celebrity gossip or online poker kind of guy…I’m just a web junky in general. I constantly read business and finance news online (yeah, I’m more of a total geek I guess). I also get a kick out of all the funny YouTube videos just like everyone else. I love music and there is no better place than the series of tubes invented by Al Gore to find new artists and tunes. Despite what you extroverts might say, the web is increasingly a great “place” to keep up with friends and business connections. I’m sort of a social networking-aholic when it comes to that.

I’ve just launched a new personal website at http://www.michaelshawnmccabe.com to serve as a hub for all of the aforementioned web goodness. My plan is to use the site to vent like one would with a journal, network to make more friends, play with new web marketing ideas and, most importantly, make money. Most who know me also know that I’m also a money junky. One of my best friends once replied to the question “Do you collect anything?” with the simple and fitting answer, “Money.” I not only aspire to be that quick in daily conversation, but I’ve also started the same exotic collection. So I recommend; do something you enjoy and make money while you do it.