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Re-elect Michael Shawn McCabe, Central Committeeman

UPDATE: We’ve won! I begin my third term as your Republican Butler County Central Committeeman. Thank you for your support and vote. We won with 57% of the vote.


I am running for re-election on Tuesday, May 4, 2010. I am the Butler County Republican Party Central Committeeman for my precinct know as FFTWP15. Our precinct is largely The Meadows of Indian Springs and Headgates Road.

What does a Central Committeeman do?
A Central Committeeman or precinct representative (as they are known Nationally) is the lowest level partisan elected office in Butler County. However, they along with the appointed Executive Committeeman, makeup the Butler County Republican Party voting membership. Therefore, they collectively control Party bylaw changes and, more importantly, candidate endorsements and screening at the Party level. Republican candidates and the Republican Party dominate the current elected landscape in Butler County, Ohio. However, Independents far outnumber the registered Republicans and Democrats in Butler County.

What is your role? What are your beliefs?
I believe that government should represent the people. I am the voice of smaller government, Constitutional freedoms as they were intended, entrepreneurship encouraged by low taxes and less regulation, and government that prioritizes family above special interests.

What do you think about all the corruption in Butler County politics?
Corruption in business and politics at any level is unacceptable. I don’t blame the wealthy for their wealth nor do I blame a good businessman for making a legitimate profit. Labeling developers, certain business people or politicians as corrupt just because they are successful is nonsense. However, facts should prevail. Undoubtedly, there has been some headline-grabbing problems related to political influences in Butler County.

The Butler County Republican Party is strong with courageous, hard-working conservatives. They are struggling to have their voice heard again above the label of corruption that a few have brought to this County.

Can you help me find the Republican Endorsed Candidates?

What can I do to help?
I’m running a very small, local campaign for a very important position.

When I’m re-elected on Tuesday, May 4, I will begin serving as your Central Committeeman for my third term. I’m asking that you take 5 minutes out of your schedule over the next couple of days to:

1) Tell 2 of your neighbors that you know me and encourage them to support me Tuesday. They (or you) are always welcome to call my cell at 884-5459.

2) Send this link to your Facebook and Twitter connections who live in Fairfield Township.

Conservative and Pro-Business,

Michael Shawn McCabe
Republican Central Committeeman (FFTWP15)
Butler County Republican Party

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